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HJ H10L - 330mm/12.99 inch New Feeding Automatic Cover Placements Technology With Creasing A4 Booklet Binding Machine High-Speed Silent wariable frequency program-controlled Double Fan Suction Motor With Three Glue Wheels H10L Glue Binder for Efficient B

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HJ H10L is a professional glue binding machine specially designed for large quantities for binding. It adopts a new intelligent indentation design, paper feed and four indentation synchronization, which is easy to use ,it saves manpower and improves the efficiency for book production. According to the thickness of the book,it can automatically measure the thickness and adjust the running speed of the machine,also it automatically adjust the pressure of the clip surface, so that it can obtain the best binding effect. This can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the workload of the operator. High-precision binding ensures that each book has a uniform and firm binding connection, improving the quality and durability of the product. Industrial synchronous belt transmission structure, light sound, fast speed.At the same time, the machine also added the function that automatic finishing glue structure ,it can solve the glue problem left on the clamping surface platform effectively , meanwhile the binding looks more beautiful. It also added the function for cover secondary positioning technology, to solve the book cover position deviation problem, to ensure the cover left and right positioning accuracy.The new pre-melt groove structure allows the operator to add glue without stopping, improving the binding efficiency.

This automatic glue binding machine is more efficient, accurate, intelligent, longer life than other binders, and the plc integrated module control circuit design is more stable and reliable, which is loved by consumers.7 inch color touch screen display, using arm chip and color touch screen, powerful intelligent control program a number of self-test functions.



Item ModelHJ H10LHJ H20LHJ H300
TypeA4Automatic Cover Feeder Creasing Glue BinderA3Automatic Cover Feeder Creasing Glue BinderAutomatic Cover Feeder Creasing Glue Binder With Automatic Book Collection
Max Binding LengthAutomatic120-330mmManual 425 mmAutomatic120-425 mmAutomatic120-320mmManual 425 mm
Binding Thickness0. 2-60mm0. 2-60mm0. 2-60mm
Book Block Height135-297mm135-297mm135-297mm
Max Cover Binding LengthAutomatic500mm*330mmManual 660*425mmAutomatic660mm*330mmAutomatic660mm*330mm
Cover thickness120-300g120-300g120-300g
Cover Feeder Capacity98mm98mm98mm
The cover indentation center positioning functionautomatically adjustedautomatically adjustedautomatically adjusted
Cover indentationFour indentation linesFour indentation linesFour indentation lines
Cover sidegaugeCNC adjustmentCNC adjustmentCNC adjustment
Cover side shot function√(pneumatic)√(pneumatic)√(pneumatic)
Milling Cutter20Teeth large Disc Milling Cutter+2 Small milling cutters20Teeth large Disc Milling Cutter+2 Small milling cutters30Teeth large Disc Milling Cutter+4 Small milling cutters
Glue speed400-500books/hour400-500books/hour400-500books/hour
Heating Time45min45min45min
Automatic Measurement Of Book Thickness
Gluing methodSingle Rubber Wheel + Side Rubber +Rubber RollerSingle Rubber Wheel + Side Rubber +Rubber RollerSingle Rubber Wheel + Side Rubber +Rubber Roller
Pre Sol Tank structure
Automatic finishing glue
Smoke Exhaust Function
Height adjustment of Clamping SurfaceIntelligent AdjustmentIntelligent AdjustmentIntelligent Adjustment
Side glue + milling cutter with pre-opening function
Cover Secondary automatic positioning
Book Collection××
Display7"Touch Screen7"Touch  Screen10. 1"Touch  Screen
Machine Size(mm)1985*710*12602228x820x12602200x970x1245
N. W: (Kg)About300KGS/ 661. 38lbAbout320KGS/705. 48 lbAbout550KGS / 1212. 54 lb

1.Automatic Cover Feeder With Indentation Design:

The machine incorporates a new intelligent indentation design, allowing for synchronized paper feed and four-indentation processes. This design enhances user-friendliness and facilitates the binding process.



2.Automatic Thickness Measurement and Speed Adjustment:

The machine can automatically measure the thickness of the book and adjust its running speed accordingly. This feature ensures optimal performance based on the specific requirements of each book, enhancing efficiency.


3.Automatic Pressure Adjustment:

The machine automatically adjusts the pressure of the clip surface, optimizing the binding effect. This feature contributes to consistent and high-quality binding, reducing the workload on the operator.


4.High-Precision Binding:

The machine ensures high-precision binding, resulting in uniform and firm connections for each book. This not only improves the quality of the final product but also enhances its durability.


5.Industrial Synchronous Belt Transmission:

The machine utilizes an industrial synchronous belt transmission structure, providing a light and quiet operation with fast speed. This design contributes to a smooth and efficient binding process.


6.Automatic Finishing Glue Structure:

The addition of an automatic finishing glue structure addresses the issue of residual glue on the clamping surface platform, enhancing the aesthetics of the binding.


7.Cover Secondary Positioning Technology:

The machine features cover secondary positioning technology, addressing potential deviations in the book cover position to ensure accurate left and right positioning.


8.New Pre-Melt Groove Structure:

The pre-melt groove structure allows the operator to add glue without stopping the machine, improving overall binding efficiency.


9.PLC Integrated Module Control Circuit Design:

The PLC integrated module control circuit design enhances stability and reliability, contributing to the machine's longer life and consistent performance.


10.7-Inch Color Touch Screen Display:

The machine is equipped with a 7-inch color touch screen display, utilizing an ARM chip and color touch screen for powerful intelligent control and incorporating several self-test functions.


11.Frequency conversion technology

Having obtained the utility model patent for glue binder (Utility Model Patent No.: ZL201821725442.2).This innovative design enables easier binding, particularly suitable for large quantities for binding. The binding process is more efficient, ensuring precision and convenience, thereby providing users with a superior binding experience.


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