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To set sail for dreams and open a new chapter! Zhejiang Daxiang and Deli Group have officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement

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Zhejiang Daxiang Office Equipment Co., Ltd. and Deli Group Co., Ltd. officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement and held a signing ceremony. Leaders from Deli Group's project department, Zhejiang Daxiang's General Manager Mr. Ma, and senior leaders from various departments attended the signing ceremony. Since Zhejiang Daxiang's establishment in 2002, we have gone through trials and challenges, forging ahead courageously. Each milestone achieved in our development journey is the result of diligent efforts. Over the past 20 years, Zhejiang Daxiang has witnessed the development of the post-printing, graphics, and office industries. We have ushered in a new intelligent era of binding machines, paper cutters, digital post-printing, and office equipment through technology, service, quality, and craftsmanship. Our original intention to provide high-quality service to every customer remains unchanged with time and circumstances!

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