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Cortador de guilhotina industrial

The industrial guillotine cutter is a high speed heavy duty machine used at all manufacturing or packaging units. Revolutionary to the cutting of such diverse materials as paper, plastics and corrugated board with pinpoint accuracy. And other challenging applications like printing, publishing and packagings benefitting from the capabilities of this robust equipment.

One of the primary benefits you gain from using an industrial guillotine cutter at your facility is that it easily cuts through huge bundles in a short time, increasing productivity and saving much on both money as well as stretch. These cutters can handle thicker substrates than other cutting machines, making them ideal for wide format jobs and applications like those of a job shop.

Industrial class guillotine cutters provide precise cuts which go above and beyond traditional scissors, delivering clean professionally finished exerted. The ability to modify these machines for virtually any material size or type makes them quite universal and flexible, well-suited for serving many different manufacturing needs.

Improvements made possible by the march of technology have only added to effectiveness and ease-of-use that come standard with modern industrial guillotine cutters. Because of computerized control, even more recent versions enable operators to program cutting specifications that can alleviate human error and speed up production. In a few models, safety functions also have been developed including guards and sensors to avoid workplace injuries. Their auto sharpeners maintain edges in top shape, thereby allowing to maximize overall performance during usage.

You must always wear protective eye and hand gear when operating an industrial guillotine cutter. A safety measure is making sure the bed has a suitable blade height and that materials are securely in place. Whether activated by foot pedal or hydraulic power, at all times the operator must remove their hands and feet totally from an area during cutting for safety.

If youre considering investing in an industrial guillotine cutter, we recommend going with a machine from a proven manufacturer that offers good after-sales service. Most manufacturers have training programs for their products that can help users manage the equipment properly so that it lasts long and works as required. Well suited for use in manufacturing and packaging lines to cut paper, cardboard or foam, industrial guillotine shear is one of the essential cutting tools on virtually all production sites where high-precision and speed qualities are required.

    2. Advantages of Using An Industrial Guillotine Cutter

    One of the main advantages of using an industrial guillotine cutter is its speed and accuracy. This type of cutter can easily and quickly cut through large stacks of paper or other materials, saving time and increasing efficiency in the workplace. Additionally, industrial guillotine cutters are often able to cut through thicker materials than other types of cutters, making them ideal for heavy-duty use.

    Another advantage of using an industrial guillotine cutter is its precision. These machines are designed to make clean, straight cuts, ensuring that the finished product is of high quality and looks professional. They can also be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and types of materials, making them versatile and adaptable to a wide range of manufacturing needs.

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