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HJ C70L - A3 programmed semi-automatic glue binding machine frequency conversion glue binder for office equipment

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HJ-C70L as a frequency variable speed intelligent glue machine, faster speed, more accurate positioning. The use of new side glue patented technology and finishing glue patented technology to improve the structural strength of books to increase the stability and durability of books, to help prevent the pages from falling off or loosening. The new finishing glue structure makes the base glue more stable, and effectively solves the problems left over by the clamping table glue. The machine uses double air page dust suction motor to reduce paper scraps, better dust suction effect and improve binding quality. Using vertical lifting gear, rack clamping surface structure, book forming effect is better.

The C70L uses a program control system to control the binding process through preset procedures and parameters. This flexibility can be adapted to different binding needs. The machine comes with a 7 "touch screen, which is more intuitive and easy to operate. Through the touch screen, various parameters can be adjusted, such as binding speed, temperature, pressure, etc., to adapt to different types of books or binding materials. And it can display real-time monitoring information, such as binding progress, temperature status, fault tips, etc., to understand the running status of the machine at any time.



Item ModelHJ C70LHJ C80HJ C80S
Max. book length440mm/173. 22inch440mm/173. 22inch440mm/173. 22inch
Max. thickness60mm/23. 62inch60mm/23. 62inch60mm/23. 62inch
Milling cutter20teeth sun cutter+2 small mill cutter20teeth sun cutter+2 small mill cutter20teeth sun cutter+2 small mill cutter
Operation modeSinglerunSinglerunDoublerun
Display7"Touch Screen7"Touch Screen7"Touch Screen
Rubber wheeTwoThreeThree
Pre heating25minutes25minutes25minutes
Machine Size(mm)1600*590*10001650*590*10001650*590*1000
N. W:About280KGS / 617. 29 lbAbout 300KGS / 661. 38lbAbout 300KGS / 661. 38lb


HJ C0L features a 7-inch touchscreen.
Offering double different operating modes: manual and automatic, meeting daily work requirements with easy switching and simple operation.
The user-friendly perspective makes the usage more comfortable and convenient.



In order to fully ensure safety protection, the machine is equipped with a master switch and emergency pause key, a dual protection system, in accordance with CE standards


2.Binding technology

New finishing glue patented technology(Utility Model Patent No.: ZL201821331598.2)and New side glue patented technology (Utility Model Patent No.: ZL201620964821.1)
Effectively solve the problem of book dragging glue, avoid the glue liquid card on the book table, automatic gluing on the side of the spine, gluing effect is more perfect.


3.    Industrial linear front and rear double guide rail structure

Solid steel frame structure, strong and durable.

The machine runs faster, smoother and quieter

4.Frequency conversion control patent technology

Using frequency conversion technology (utility model patent No. : ZL201821725442.2), the inside pages of the book are aligned on the cover, convenient and fast, and the positioning is more accurate
Present perfect gluing technology, faster, industry-leading


5.Double-seal vacuum motor (Utility model patent number: ZL201920353216.4).

The machine is equipped with a sun blade and a small milling cutter,, so as to increase the glue contact area and make the spine more firm after gluing
The double sealing vacuum motor has better vacuum effect and improves the binding quality


6.Clamping structure patent technology
(utility model patent number: ZL201721873167.4)

Vertical lifting gear, rack clamping surface structure, book forming effect is better

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